Transparency Conspiracies

June 29, 2016 1:44pm CST
I've heard that twice last week. There might be more I've not seen and heard: "Transparent administration" by Atty. Gen L. Lynch. And " She's the most transparent secretary of state in [US] our history by Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager. Apparently, latest emails leaked out showing exchanges by Hilary Clinton's staff to 'keep an eye' on specific members of the press media from strictly allowing them from asking unwanted questions. It isn't the first time journalists aren't allowed getting close to Hilary Clinton during her campaign trails. Last year, members of the press were literally roped off as Clinton walked down on the streets shaking hands with the spectators. Do you think, that will change when Hilary becomes the president come November? How transparent will she be transformed into? Maybe, behind bars in prison would do to enforce it?
Leaked emails show how staffers keep tabs on members of the media
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@tzwrites (4954)
• Romania
4 Jul 16
I honestly don't believe a word of anything Clinton says. I have never liked her. I think she just wants more and more power.
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• New Delhi, India
29 Jun 16
What is transparent administration
• Australia
30 Jun 16
AG Lynch said in a press conference that the Obama administration will do their best to be as 'transparent' as should be. She promised to release the Orlando shooter's call while he was shooting his victims. The WH Obama admin 'edited' out some words in the recording, and changed some words to the admin's liking. Or is your question just a rhetoric jest? Oh, I get it.
• New Delhi, India
4 Jul 16
@everwonderwhy no you get it exactly what I meant to ask.
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@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
4 Aug 16
I've heard some really bad things about their (the Clinton's) foundation.. Donors getting very profitable deals and mining rights and what not in troubled nations.. under and with the despots who are abusing the people and living off all the resources.. Even during her time as Secretary of State..