Pasta and pesto while the clothes are washing.

@marguicha (103954)
July 4, 2016 12:54pm CST
We will go to the supermarket after lunch. And I hope I can find some sneackers at the small mall nearby. Meanwhile, I have another pan full of orange-carrot jam ready to be done. I found it so good that I will not leave the rest of the oranges I bought to rot. I´ll have to buy some extra sugar. Spaguetti with pesto is very easy to make as I make pesto and freeze it to last the whole year. So, last night I took some (I recicle the yogurt pots) and the pasta is cooking. We will also have a salad with lettuce and mussels if hot sauce. Yummy! The sun is shining, so it is not as cold as yesterday. The clothes will get dry, I hope.
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@JudyEv (137101)
• Bunbury, Australia
5 Jul 16
I think it is a great idea to freeze or can food so that it doesn't go to waste. I've never made pesto though.
@just4him (128710)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
4 Jul 16
I hope you find your sneakers. Your orange carrot jam sounds interesting. I've never made pesto sauce. Enjoy your spaghetti.
• United States
4 Jul 16
Pesto spaghetti sounds so good! I love pesto!!
@marlina (79656)
• Canada
4 Jul 16
Happy day!
@koopharper (6900)
• Canada
4 Jul 16
I'm trapped at work again until my son finishes his shift. Half an hour to wait yet. My tablet battery is running low though. Almost done until this evening.