Having a Graphics Good Time

@Hatley (164640)
Garden Grove, California
July 9, 2016 2:46pm CST
While everything about on this new computer makes me feel stupid I have discovered my huge grahics files and now Im not feeling like I could cry because I cannot figure ouit the new graphics program here called Gimp. In time with my son's help I w ill be able to use gimp but right' now I can use some of my vast gallery of graphics, I never realized I had so many as I made them for all the various posts I have made over the years on mylot and on the dead bubblews. Every time I typoe that word I get angry again at how they managed to cheat a huge number of my friends here out ot their llast payments. Oneoriginal post b y P Hatley copyrighted 2016
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@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
11 Jul 16
I lost payments a year before they went under, but I needed the money so much I stayed another 6 odd months.
@AutumnSnow (4583)
9 Jul 16
that is really cool. I hate learning new computer's it's funny how kids know more than us when it comes to stuff like that.