Alabama The Llama Stirs Up Drama lol

@Hatley (164392)
Garden Grove, California
July 12, 2016 7:23pm CST
I Mrs Johnson have two lla\mas as pets. Thjey are my house pets of course. The older one 'Alabama came from Alabama The younger one is her little daughter Drama Well usually Alabama home schools Drama But sometimes things go a bit awry Drama got her name from causing scenes This day Drama was helping farmer Jonesw He is my cousin and they are planting beans. ] So I told Alabama that Drama would be fine How was I to know that was not the design I heard the most awful clutter and mutter Farmer Jones was screaming at Drarma] ]"Mom" cried 'Alabama :"we need to see whats up" "yes" I agreed as we ran out into the yard' What a sight.Bees stinging goats goats jumping Running and "Drama nondrying to stop them. Farm Jones ran u p to me."Dora" he screamed "Drama let the goats into the bee hive yard.Look All my goats are stung every one.Help; me.' So we four pulled out stingers and applied calamine on the goats As the lotion started to stop the hurt it became quieter "Soon all the goats were quiet and we went home Drama learmed never to leave the gate to tjhe bees opern. One story poem and graphic by P Hatley copyrighted 2016
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@Jessicalynnt (47874)
• Centralia, Missouri
13 Jul 16
trying to imagine a llama at school! lol
@corvinus (161)
• Philippines
13 Jul 16
I like to see a Llama :) I think they are cute and lovable pet.