Vegas vs Florida?

@maezee (34546)
United States
July 16, 2016 5:26am CST
I am planning, perhaps in September to organize a quick trip to take my mom on a vacation. She never gets to leave the state and never has any money to do so, so me and my sister were going to plan a 3 or 4 day quick trip...but to where is the question I think we have boiled it down to either somewhere in Florida or Vegas. Each has pros and cons. What do you think would be better for a quick trip like this and would really impress a sheltered lady? And if you choose Florida, where in Florida?
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• Jacksonville, Florida
10 Aug 16
I am from Florida and recently moved back. Vegas is all about gambling and if she likes that...then it could be a good place for her. However, in Florida...there are so many attractions. St. Augustine is a nice little town, with a lot of history, great shops, good food. Then you have of course Disney World, the city of Key West... The attractions are endless.
• Lenox, Georgia
16 Jul 16
You know her so if she likes a certain thing that might be easier to make the decision.
@Macarrosel (7536)
• Philippines
16 Jul 16
Maybe you should ask her first, which one she prefers to visit, if given a chance to travel.
@marlina (80710)
• Canada
16 Jul 16
It all depends on your Mom's tastes.
@miniam (9228)
• Bern, Switzerland
16 Jul 16
I would take her to florida,you do not want to take a sheltered öady to a chaotic city and im sure she`ll love the beaches. My trip to florida was long ago so no tips but im just against vegas.