How do you earn money in mylot ?

July 31, 2016 1:08pm CST
I dont understand. Do I earn money only if someone write a respond to a discussion that I started? What about my responds to other discussions? explanation please? thanks.
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@GardenGerty (94689)
• Marion, Kansas
31 Jul 16
You earn when someone responds to what you wrote. It could be your discussion, like I am responding now. However when someone sees this response, and makes a comment on it, I will earn. If you come back and talk with me, I will earn. I do not know how much, or if one earns more than the other. I do know that when I have fun, make friends and interact a lot I earn. Many people will tell you that myLot is more valuable as a learning and friendship tool than as a way to earn.
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@zarlamain (24413)
• United States
31 Jul 16
I interact and earn from the interactions of other members to me.
@Raj7779 (2921)
• Ahmednagar, India
31 Jul 16
Welcome here my friend, If you want to earn then you have to replies in discussion and comments and put discussion you will earn definitely.
@akalinus (13034)
• United States
31 Jul 16
Welcome to myLot. Yes, you earn when others respond to you. Just start answering posts and when you think of a good idea, write your own discussion. Try to be interesting so other people will want to talk about it.
@owlwings (38505)
• Cambridge, England
31 Jul 16
Whatever you post - a discussion, a response or a comment - is eligible for earning but will earn nothing until somebody interacts with it in some way (by responding to it, commenting on it, 'liking' it &c. It is therefore up to you to make whatever you post as relevant, informative and attractive as possible so that it encourages people to discuss the topic (not just answer questions) and to continue the discussion. The more interest and involvement your posts generate, the more they will earn.