When do you get topics to start discussion?

@ajithlal (14569)
August 4, 2016 4:42am CST
Sometimes I do not get any topics to start. When do you get topics to start discussion?
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@owlwings (40055)
• Cambridge, England
4 Aug 16
I don't worry too much about starting discussions. There are plenty of discussions to respond to and to spare! The topics I start discussions on come from all sorts of places: photos I've taken, news articles I've read and, quite often, other discussions I've read (and maybe responded to) here. Also things come into my head randomly and some of them may seem worthy of a discussion.
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@yani73 (833)
• Pakanbaru, Indonesia
4 Aug 16
Sometimes I get a topics with my activities
@skysnap (18261)
4 Aug 16
I write what I think. So I don't need much topic or force myself to write.
@else34 (13601)
• New Delhi, India
4 Aug 16
@ajithlal,Whenever something interesting occurs before my eyes or whenever a forgotten memory surfaces in my mind,I get a topic to share here in the form of a discussion.
@Raj7779 (3309)
• Ahmednagar, India
4 Aug 16
I don't know but sometimes I remember some things that are of my life and of others then make it discussion.
@MALUSE (46082)
• Uzbekistan
4 Aug 16
I have enough topics. Sometimes I'm too lazy to type.
@JolietJake (51061)
• United States
4 Aug 16
I keep a handy box laying around full of topics, and I just reach in it and get one out if I can't think of my own. *opens skull* *stirs brain* *pulls out topic* Like this one - "Was the 1960 USA Presidential election rigged?"