Kids and chores Teenagers why did I think they'd be easier

August 9, 2016 12:20pm CST
So today is cleaning day around here and I noticed that when I got up to make my coffee this morning that my daughter did not do the dishes last she was suppose too. So she will do them today I can't stand dishes sitting overnight like that normally I have a bad habbit of just doing them but I said no I have 3 teenagers in the house and they are prefectly capable of helping out. I all of the cooking and some of the cleaning I dont think there is anything wrong with them having chores and helping out. My oldest is going to be 16 soon and like I told her she wants to move out in two years what does she think it's going to be like I told her Im not going to be there to make sure she does things. I remember how I couldnt wait till they got older thinking it would be so much easier huh yeah that blew my theory right out the water.
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@melissa1024 (2451)
• Beckley, West Virginia
9 Aug 16
I have just recently started giving my 10 year old daughter chores to try and teach her some responsibility and work ethic. Man alive I tell you she will try anything to not do them. It is not a lot or nothing hard either. So I am right there with you on this one.
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@rina110383 (24065)
10 Aug 16
That's right. They should help with the chores. I started with the chores (cleaning, washing the dishes, washing & ironing clothes) when I was 10 years old even though we had helpers in the house. Been living alone and out of my parents' place for decades now and I'm thankful I learned doing chores at an early age.
@much2say (40827)
• United States
9 Aug 16
Even though I've had my kids do chores here and there ever since they were young (daughter is now 11, son is 6), oh it's not always easy to get them to do them. For me, it seems like giving them little chores at a time helps . . . too many orders gets too overwhelming for them and it turns into an all out war. But these ARE skills they will need if they want to be independent someday . . . believe me I wish my parents taught me these things earlier. My next door neighbor has 2 teen boys - and I hear her yelling at them everyday to do their laundry, do the dishes, etc etc!!