Well it started out a good day...

@cpefley (1699)
Hemet, California
August 10, 2016 10:13pm CST
Today my husband had the day off, and the kids just started school, so we spent the day together. We had breakfast, I got my haircut, a pedicure, then we went to a movie. He bought me a new wedding ring to replace one my little girl lost (they were both very inexpensive), and everything was great. Then we had to take my 16 year old daughter to the eye doctor and she was visibly upset. She acted out and I remained calm, even though we were there for 2 hours! My husband was short tempered and yelling at the kids, and my daughter told me that she wouldn't move into our new house unless I divorced my husband. Well, things just escalated. He was mad and threatening things that he can't possibly follow through on without my permission. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I don't need this stress! All of the kids are mine, and he is their stepdad, but he's constantly overstepping his boundaries, and I'm not the only one that notices. Now, we aren't speaking. I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I really want him to go to counseling and take some parenting classes...
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@skysnap (18039)
11 Aug 16
I guess being a step father is not easy.
@TRBRocks420 (82735)
• Banks, Oregon
11 Aug 16
He should let you handle your daughter in my opinion.
• Eugene, Oregon
11 Aug 16
It sounds like a necessity to me to avoid abuse.
• United States
11 Aug 16
My dad never had this problem with my sister but then again he came into her life when she was three and has been here ever since. My two brothers (my dad's sons from his second marriage) were 4 and 6 when my mom and dad got together. He has always just been her dad and he disciplined her just like he did my brothers and me. My mom didn't mind because it was the same way with my brothers. Heck when they first met he would never spank or punish her when she needed, even though he had my mom's approval, until the day my sister begged him to one day because she felt left out because my brothers were always getting punished (they were always getting in trouble). It kind of sounds like they don't have any respect for each other and until BOTH of them respect each other then nothing is going to change. It might be like this because your kids are older and know that he isn't there dad and they feel like he is trying to take over like he is. Plus teens are hard to get along with anyway.
@marie42 (982)
• Shreveport, Louisiana
11 Aug 16
My husband is a stepparent to all my 3 kids. So I can relate.we make decisions together considering the kids and they know this. But ultimately any big decision I will make. Its a big adjustment for the kids. But, your husband needs to understand the boundaries and yelling at them is only hurting not helping.Maybe counseling would be the best for him. Good luck!
@marguicha (102194)
• Chile
11 Aug 16
I would not let a 16 year old teen ruin your relationship. You might want to talk over with your husband, but not in front of the girl. Maybe the kids need some boundaries too.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Aug 16
that does sound like an excellent idea really hope it will help; amd he will cooperate.