Chennai, India
August 13, 2016 1:28pm CST
Life as we know is a pursuit of happiness. Happiness a ever elusive and highly relative term and the most important....most seek after term. So what we can say is happiness is what the goal of life. But how many of us are really happy ? how many amongst us are really enjoying this gift called life ? how many are even convinced that this life is a gift ? Now at the beginning itself i will quote that life is not simple it is the hardest test an individual has to undergo on a daily basis! But as a mathematical expression it all depends upon the outlook and approach of the person! Infact regarding life i would say it resembles mathematics much more than any other subject.....also in the sense that mathematics is loved by few and also understood by very few ! And to top that all every thing that we refer to as a problem is basically a mere expression and not a problem.......this is thing we can learn! Now regarding whether we are living or dying is solely dependent on our outlook....for actually its happening the half filled glass....its all about the attitude of an individual. To live or to die is our choice.......we are suffering.....but as real fun is in journey and not the destination.......chill lay back and will start enjoying this suffering......and thats the day you will start living day by day and fade away one day and not the other way round dying day after day and then actually dying one day !......choice is yours.....the clocks before you die...all the best !
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@MALUSE (45837)
• Uzbekistan
13 Aug 16
Please read the Guidelines! They tell you what is not tolerated on myLot. No 6: "**Using all-caps**, excessive punctuation, or "text speak".
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Aug 16
thats why I make myself happy, I'm enthusiastic and postie and Im living my life each day.I m addicted to mylot and love to write and to socialize. I want t o live each day of my life. I will be ninety Nov 15th lol having fun
@Corbin5 (122428)
• United States
13 Aug 16
We really do have to keep in mind that life needs to be a positive experience and it is our job to make it so.