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lord krishna
@hema7213 (3521)
August 25, 2016 1:10am CST
Hey everyone, today in our country, We are celebrating the birth of lord Krishna. god had born in the mid night and his parents Devki and Vasudeva are in the jail due to Devki's brother Raja kansa. kansa already killed 7 born babies of Devki just after their birth. for protecting the lord Krishna, Vasudev came out from jail and crossed the flooded river and then went to village Gokul and and put lord Krishna beside Nanda and Yashoda and took their baby girl and brought it to the jail. This is the story behind our lord Krishna birth... and today I am fasting for the birth of lord krishna for getting blessing from the gold. this festival is called as Janmasthmi.
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• Kolkata, India
25 Aug 16
Happy Janmastami Hema !! Nice to know that u r observing a fast for Lord Krishna,the preserver of this universe.Try to go through Bhagwat Gita if possible,that will certainly make this special day more meaningful for u.
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@louievill (19902)
• Philippines
25 Aug 16
I know some Hare Krishna in our place, I am Christian but I had been invited several times to the chanting
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@sishy7 (27594)
• Australia
25 Aug 16
Interesting... so Krishna was a girl? I thought it's a boy's name...
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@rubyriaz007 (4290)
• India
28 Nov
Happy Janmasthmi.