NO I don't and I told you before and please stop sending me rude letters!

@Jackalyn (6611)
Oxford, England
August 25, 2016 11:57am CST
The BBC really annoys me. I do not have a T.V. I do not need a licence and when the new law meaning you need a licence to watch BBC iplayer comes in I will just stop using it. I tell them over and over I do not have a licence. They have now "begin an investigation." They "may turn up on my doorstep." "They are organising a visit. " They can sit outside in a van if they want. I think that is all they need. There is no way I will let them into my house seeing they have detector vans anyway. If they really think I must be cheating them why not just do that and stop sending me threatening letters. Oh in case you do use iPlayer be warned you will need to have a licence in order to use it from Sept 1st but can still legally watch ITV player and Netflix as long as the programme is not being live streamed if you don't.
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@Asylum (48339)
• Manchester, England
25 Aug 16
I had similar letters many years ago when I lived in a flat and did not possess a television. When the first letter I was considering completing it and returning it to explain that I did not have a television, until the read the whole letter. After requesting the information the letter proceeded to point out that using a television without a licence could result in a £1000 fine or imprisonment. I took great exception at being sent threatening letters without any justification, so I threw it into the fire.
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@xFiacre (3989)
• Ireland
25 Aug 16
@jackalyn Tell me about it. I keep getting letters like that for the Church where I work and those people at the BBC just aren't programmed to deal with people who don't have a TV.
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@Mike197602 (13393)
• Worcester, England
25 Aug 16
I don't pay for a tv licence and got lots of letters, I throw them in the recycling.
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@JudyEv (111257)
• Bunbury, Australia
26 Aug 16
Our son in (southern) Ireland has got rid of his TV and watches whatever he wants on Netflix. This saves them a small fortune in licence fees.