@Juse99 (85)
Beijing, China
August 28, 2016 11:29am CST
Nowadays, Facebook has been a common communicating tool in our lives and it can be noticed in most places. Facebook provides many conveniences for us while it also brings some bad effects. For one thing, Facebook has some advantages in many aspects. First, it provides a convenient and quick way for us to gain more information. Through Facebook, we can be easier and quicker to know what happen in our surroundings. Second, it’s a faster way to express our feelingsand share our experiences everywhere. Finally, Facebook is a good way toexpand or widen our thought. We can learn much knowledge in different aspectsby Facebook and improve ourselves to a large extent. And we can pay attentionto different people and learn different experience from them. However, Facebook has also caused some bad effects.For example, some students are so addicted to it so that they neglect theirstudies. And what’s more, some lose their communication ability because they use Facebook all the time and everywhere. In my opinion, the advantages of microblog are overits disadvantages. Therefore, we should make good use of its advantages and avoid its disadvantages as much as possible.
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Aug 16
yes there are some disgusting videos on there but mos is good and I have a wall there myself
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@Juse99 (85)
• Beijing, China
29 Aug 16
yes,you are right