Time to delete the BBC who served up rubbish last night

@Jackalyn (7384)
Oxford, England
August 29, 2016 1:24am CST
On 1st September you have to buy a T.V licence even if you use BBÇ iplayer. I just don't watch enough catch ups there to do it. I will use the time to do something else. I don't think I will miss it much. Last night convinced me more than ever. "Are you being served?" was a hilarious sitcom in its day. I tried the remake on BBC last night. The BBC served up such rubbish they even made the news about it this morning. I think I may delete iplayer today. Anyone else see it?
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@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
29 Aug 16
The problem with re4makes is that we already know the characters, so the replacements seem wrong immediately. We also have a strong American influence on television these days, which is not suitable to British viewers. The whole approach to sitcoms is entirely different, with the American approach being a totally telegraphed lunch line, whereas the English humour was subtle innuendo and verbal manipulation. When we compare the old sitcoms such as George and Mildred, Bless this House or Please Sir with modern sitcoms the difference is blatant.
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@jstory07 (72374)
• Roseburg, Oregon
29 Aug 16
I have never seen it. Time to delete it.
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@JudyEv (141609)
• Bunbury, Australia
29 Aug 16
We used to watch 'are you being served' years ago and always enjoyed it.
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@Poppylicious (10091)
29 Aug 16
No, but we did watched the Porridge remake. It was awful; most shows are a product of their time and fail to work in contemporary times. I don't mind paying the licence even though we mostly watch programmes on catch-up telly. Yes, the BBC occasionally produces some bad stuff, but more often than not it makes far better quality dramas than the likes of ITV.
@topffer (36652)
• Singapore, Singapore
29 Aug 16
We pay for a TV, not for a player. The only British channel that I receive is BBC World News, and I rarely watch it.