So people think having an inflatable device while swimming won't work all the time.

Dallas, Texas
August 31, 2016 3:44pm CST
The main reasons that people think that having an inflatable CO2 automatically inflating flotation device on the wrist or the arm above the elbow would not work if : 1. The individual who is in danger of drowning may be unconscious. 2. The individual who is drowning already may panic and forget what to do. 3. The individual who is unconscious will not be awake and therefore unable to initiate the inflation of the device. This is because the flotation device doesn't come with a remote alarm that if so designed could alert a person above waters of you specifically so they could initiate a remote command on their smart phone or other tech device and trigger off the switch to activate the inflation of the life saving thing that the unconscious person in the water is unable to do themselves. That feature would have to be added to make this a better life saver. Also , given the fact that GPS systems are being employed all over the world to help find you why not put a GPS chip in the inflatable thing on your arm or wrist that lets others know exactly where you are like during a flash flood or whatever.
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• United States
31 Aug 16
I am guessing the best advice here us if you cannot swim, well or not, perhaps stay out of the water ??
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
31 Aug 16
yes indeed your ideas are what is needed for that to really work.,
@MALUSE (45865)
• Uzbekistan
31 Aug 16
Why don't you send your suggestions to the producer of the thingy? They should be grateful for them.
@jstory07 (72340)
• Roseburg, Oregon
31 Aug 16
Putting a chip in it will work. It is not going to keep you up on your back either if you flip over. I think a life jacket would work a lot better.