I got cheated by a requester via upwork.com!!

@cxndie (1062)
Kolkata, India
September 13, 2016 2:42pm CST
Since I've been freelancing for a couple of sites and came across this one called upwork, I decided to give it a go. I searched for projects that were paying fairly well for article writing so I bid for the job and the requester accepted. Little did I know he was a FAKE! Mr. Anderson Bowers by name, promised me he would pay me at the end of the seventh day just to prove that he was genuine. I agreed and wrote over 5000 words for him through the entire week. On the 7th day he asked me if I would want to work for the day and that he would add my earnings to the entire amount. I was happy to hear that and agreed and wrote another 1200 words for him. He promised me he would pay up by noon his time. I waited and waited he disappeared 3 hours before noon from Skype and has not been on since that day. I tried to get his IP but its blocked. I feel so let down and cheated. All my hard work has gone down the drain. How can people be so low and heartless that they can, so easily, cheat incentives people who are trying so hard to earn extra money. It just surprises me that there are so many scammers out there plotting and scheming n ways to trick people.. Be aware guys. These freelancing sites are not safeif you're working outside the site Only work for those who show some proof and via the site itself!
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@akalinus (22283)
• United States
28 Oct 16
There is something suspicious about that. I wrote for Elance and the money had to be in a sort of escrow so that the writer had a guarantee of getting paid. Why were you writing outside the site? Someone asked me to do that and I refused. Elance merged with Upwork and Odesk to become one site so I think the same rules would have applied.
@snowy22315 (54643)
• United States
29 Sep 16
Yes, most of these sites don't screen the requestors at all. Most fortunately are legit, and others are scammers or are inappropriate.
@waflay (2727)
• Nairobi, Kenya
13 Sep 16
I got the same treat once, from then I learned to work on projects inside the Upwork platform. I guess there is an app that you have to download that makes everything clear between you and the person requesting for the job) that way, you minimize the possibility of being cheated... Nowadays I am not that active in Upwork as I was in Elance but I believe the system in almost the same...