Going to the walkin tomorrow

@ricki_911 (20097)
Toronto, Ontario
September 22, 2016 9:13pm CST
I have gone several times in the last few months. A lady came into work tonight and said to me you have asthma. Which I do and have inhalers, but I am taking them way more than should be. I told her this, and she said I need something stronger. The cough I have is asthma, and just need a different inhaler and / or predinose. I told her how I've been to the walk in three times and they said it was a cold not even listening to my chest. So I am going to a different one.
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@Hatley (164448)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Sep 16
get it a walk in is like our ERs emergency room. Hope the different will give you some r eal help.I know Asthma is no fun I have friends' with it while I sneeze and cry they cought amdc wheeze we make'some odd sounds all to gether but you need the right mecication R
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@ricki_911 (20097)
• Toronto, Ontario
23 Sep 16
The emergency room is pretty useless as well. I've gone for abdomen pain and they told me I had a bladder infection meanwhile I had endometrosis.
@Ayuriny (5176)
• Denpasar, Indonesia
23 Sep 16
Yeah, cold weather and tired are the common enemies for the ones who have asthma. I've got asthma but as i grow older, it seems rarely to reccurence now. We should prepare all the things very well before we decide to take a walking, or a journey. Where are you going tomorrow, if it's ok?
@jstory07 (72460)
• Roseburg, Oregon
23 Sep 16
I hope you are feeling better now.