U.S Presidential Debate

Muscat, Oman
September 27, 2016 2:48pm CST
As the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just finished,I feel that Hillary Clinton showed lot of political experience .Donald Trump was speaking as a businessman rather than a politician. What is your view on the first debate??
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Sep 16
I did not watc h it as I do not have a "TV inm y room and I am not sure if they had it on the big ?Tvb do wnsatirs last night so I couldf care less as I wll not vote for eitjer ope amd who I v ote for will be between me and God.
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• Muscat, Oman
27 Sep 16
You can always watch the debate over youtube
@crossbones27 (21176)
• Redlands, California
28 Sep 16
The debate said to have drawn 100 million viewers. I think Hilary won, but I think I should have watched the Jill Stein Gary Johnson debate. I would have probably felt like I actually learned something. I heard pretty good things about their debate and just found it also on youtube. Maybe I will go watch that later. Could be a waste of time though because most Americans refuse to give third party candidates a look. Then they wonder why we are stuck with the same old bs.
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• United States
27 Sep 16
I never watched the debate itself, but from what I know of the two of them, I don't think either would make a good president. Trump is an arrogant, racist bigot, and Clinton has been caught breaching national security, both bad news for the US government.
@silvermist (20116)
• India
27 Sep 16
@ancyrajan90 No I did not watch it.But I would be watching it on you tube.Being a non-American residing outside America,I am not a voter.But if I was an American,I would have voted for Hillary Clinton.
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