Friday's Online Work

@egdcltd (7216)
September 30, 2016 3:26pm CST
I wrote and published an article on the science fiction site, wrote and published a blog post and published two articles on InfoBarrel. As usual, these were socially promoted and I made some posts and interactions on myLot and bitLanders. I wrote a post for later use. I did some work on six role playing game supplements and an InfoBarrel article. Approximately 1,800 words were written today. I continued making the jeep for the Blender 3D modelling tutorial; I fixed what went wrong yesterday. Currently it's looking reasonably like the tutorial images, although it doesn't help that there appear to be images from different tutorials. I also continued with setting up next Saturday's role playing game supplement. Normally I do these the Tuesday before I publish them, but I have a few complicated ones I need to get out completed, so I'm doing them more in advance. Image: Morguefile
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