I Hate Humps

@Jackalyn (6840)
Oxford, England
October 14, 2016 4:37am CST
I hate humps. My car hates humps. I used to hate driving in London as everything went too fast. Now it goes too slow as street after street is 20mph and full of humps. They terrify me more than when everyone drove fast and I do not understand how peoole drive faster than 20mph and do not have problems. My car objects to the humps even at 20mph. I will so glad to get home and I wonder if the humps are a plot to make everyone take public transport.
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• Japan
14 Oct 16
In the middle of last year they put humps in our parking lot at school. It now is difficult to turn into the parking spot I used to use, because a big hump is right in front of it. It is a special parking place for K-cars (small light cars) so I am supposed to park there, but I never quite get into it perfectly any more because of humps!
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@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
14 Oct 16
Does this mean that you are a camel hater?
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@Happy2BeMe (74935)
• Canada
14 Oct 16
I agree with you. I don't drive fasrnovernthem either. I have an older car and it is not fond of humps.
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@5thHouse (1692)
• Sheffield, England
16 Oct 16
They're horrible to drive over
@Corbin5 (115753)
• United States
14 Oct 16
Yep, sounds like a plot to me. An evil one for sure.
@Fleura (7197)
• United Kingdom
14 Oct 16
We have more than a mile of speed humps in this village. The are a nuisance but no doubt they protect us as pedestrians, its hard to please everyone.