Modelling a Bottle in Blender

@egdcltd (6133)
October 17, 2016 10:46am CST
This is a Blender 3D image I decided to have a go at. It's not one from the tutorial series, but I used the knowledge gained to make it. The reason I am doing the tutorials is to be able to create certain types of stock art and role playing game supplements. I had planned for my first project to be a battlemap - which was probably a bit over ambitious. So, instead, I decided it would make more sense to start with some much simpler stock art. This is along those lines. Certainly it isn't at the sort of quality I would use, but I wanted to have a go for the fun of it. The bottle was created by making a line made from different points around one side of a bottle image I have. This line was then spun 360 degrees to create an entire shape. Worked quite well. The texture and the material were just to see what it would look like (especially as the texture is marble). A finished product would require much more work. Image: Me
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