what do u do to refresh when your mood is off?

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November 25, 2006 8:29pm CST
tell us ur methods to cheer urself up..
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@Angelwriter (1955)
• United States
12 Mar 07
For me, singing almost always cheers me up. It's funny, because I hate the sound of my voice, but I love to sing so when I'm sad and especially when I'm angry, I play some music and sing along, softly.
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@waynet (2650)
10 Mar 07
I do something completely new and so different it refreshes the system, bungy jumping, ab sailing and I'm going o do a sponsored sky dive at the end of the year, not once but 10 times......oooh heck!!
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
1 Feb 07
For me it all depends upon why it is I am feeling down. There are different things that I will end up doing sometimes to cheer myself up. I find if one doesn't work, eventually the other one will work sooner or later. Some of those things would have to be as follows: Sometimes I will daydream about certain things. Such as daydreaming about one of my favorite places in general. Or an imaginary place that I've always wanted to visit. Such as sometimes I will picture myself on a beach on a nice hot summer day. Or I will be somewhere that I've always wanted to visit such as paris or another destination. Other times I will try to pamper myself. By taking a nice hot bubble bath. Or getting a massage from my other half or going to a professional spa to get one done. Sometimes I find it's nice to take time out for yourself. Especially when someone is feeling down. It sometimes can truly help to lift your spirits! Sometimes I will make my favorite food as well or I will instead pick up one of my favorite junk foods such as chocolate. There's nothing like a little bit of comfort food in moderation when a person is feeling rather low! Other times.. I will sit down with someone whom I trust & confide in them. Usually that person is my other half as he is my best friend & has always been there for me each step of the way. He also has the ability to make me laugh sometimes.. It's a good thing to be around someone who is positive or who at least know's you so well that they know how to cheer you up when your mood is so low to the ground. Sometimes when I am truly upset as well that I will turn to cleaning the house. I always tend to feel better when my house or room is less cluttered. It makes me feel so much more organized & better about myself in general as well. I as well find sometimes that just going for a walk helps to clear my mind.. Especially when I am feeling down so I will then take my dog for a walk. As she is a bundle of energy & the things she does always seem to bring a smile to my face. Sometimes I will also put in a favorite 80's film or a comedy film that I know will make me laugh. Usually I pick movies that I grew up with or movies that have my favorite actor in them.. As I know there acting always seems to make me laugh when I need to do so to cheer myself up. In conclusion.. The things that I had listed above are the things that I usually turn to doing when I need a pick me up. Though sometimes other things end up working a lot better. But like I had stated above it all does depend upon what may be bothering me on that specific day. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx