Energy suppliers.

November 14, 2016 12:49pm CST
Who are you all with? I switched from Scottish power to ovo energy. And they are rubbish. I go through sooo much electric it's unreal! Looking for opinions on who to go with :)
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@owlwings (39618)
• Cambridge, England
14 Nov 16
Ovo have had quite good reviews/comparisons from some of the major sites, including Which? Only you can control how much power you use and therefore how much you pay for it in the end. It's always wise to keep records of your power usage because that is the only way of making accurate comparisons between the different suppliers. Your best bet would be to feed your usage figures into a comparison site such as USwitch and then to choose a tariff which suits your pattern of use. The only real way of reducing your bills is to make many small savings, such as fitting low-energy bulbs and making sure that you turn lights off when you leave the room, turning the heating down a degree or two, only putting as much water as you need in the kettle replacing baths with showers and so on.
@topffer (35590)
• France
14 Nov 16
It has long been a state monopoly here. I have kept the national energy company for all my subscriptions. Anyways, I would not save much if I was changing : the difference affects mainly the price of the subscription, the price of electricity being still largely controlled by the state.
@CoolPeace (1587)
• Miami, Florida
14 Nov 16
Try eco green energy and it supposed to save you money on energy.