I 'Splurged' a little in My Purchases from @WalMartToday (@SavingsCatchers)

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@mythociate (15946)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 26, 2016 12:01pm CST
It's not like I bought anything extra besides 'what I was going to buy anyway'; I just 'didn't buy with my 'WalMart SavingsCatcher-strategy' http://wmt.co in mind See, Walmart's SavingsCatcher-program pays you back any extra you pay for products that are advertised cheaper in other local stores; so I usually will buy 'famous brand-name products' rather than their less-expensive "Great Value"-brand products (usually stocked right next to the big-names), because the big-name products are usually the ones that'll be advertised from other stores. But today ... their 'Great Value' frozen-snacks were featured right on the end of the aisle. And I picked out a raspberry sherbet (which I almost never pick ... although I think "raspberry" is on the list of foods with 'a property that helps your body fight cancer' (antiangiogenesis)). And I think it was a few cents cheaper than usual (something like $3.50)! ---image from johnhayesrealestate.com
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@PatZAnthony (12970)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
26 Dec 16
This is such a good program. Wish all stores did this.
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@shey816 (235)
26 Dec 16
Great! It was like $3.50 off from your purse.
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