Monday's Online Work

@egdcltd (6988)
January 30, 2017 3:33pm CST
I published an article on the general site and a post on the science fiction site and socially promoted them. I made the usual posts and interactions on myLot, but not so much on bitLanders, due to changes meaning it's not really worthwhile posting shorter stuff there now. I wrote an article for later use. I finished writing an article for InfoBarrel and did some work on another. I did some work on five role playing game supplements and on two articles for the general site. Approximately 2,100 words were written today. I did some work on my paper models/book covers, some more on my current battlemap and had another go at making planets using a different tutorial. The latter didn't quite work as planned; still, it's only a first attempt. Image: Me
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1 Feb 17
Congratulations on having such a great drive to work on your goals. What do you mean when you say posted an article on General site, and Science Fiction. Are these two sites your own sites? Can you tell me some more about the InfoBarrel site. How long have you been on InfoBarrel?
1 Feb 17
@egdcltd I would like to post on your science fiction site. Could you make me a guest author? I have always had a keen interest in science fiction, even as an early age science fiction has always been in my life. Be that with Movies, TV Shows, Books, and now with my own content.
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@egdcltd (6988)
2 Feb 17
@gustavowoltmann At some point, I do intend to start paying people to write articles for the site. At the moment though, it isn't earning enough to be able to do so I'm afraid.