So when did mice start liking peanut butter istead of chesse

Kingston, New York
February 6, 2017 7:27am CST
Today if you use mouse traps the instruction On it say to use peanut butter .when did the mice change their minds and now do not like chesee.Or did the mice get smart and know The chesse was a trap? I guess only the Mice would know this answer.
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@owlwings (38291)
• Cambridge, England
6 Feb
As a matter of fact, the discerning mouse has always preferred chocolate (or peanut butter) to cheese. Of course, before chocolate and peanut butter were invented, he had no choice but to accept cheese.
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• Kingston, New York
6 Feb
That I did not know very interesting
@LadyDuck (126671)
• Switzerland
6 Feb
They evolved, the elder mice still love cheese, the young mice prefer junk food.
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@Corbin5 (85122)
• United States
6 Feb
They probably became wise to the cheese and would not go near it, so now it is the peanut butter. I suspect that the peanut butter may not work after the mice figure out its danger.
• Peoria, Arizona
6 Feb
The cheese thing (unless it is spread or spray) is a bad idea because mice can just take a chunk and leave, where peanut butter they have to actually get in and sometimes get stuck and then they get caught. Clever little things.
@JolietJake (43329)
6 Feb
Peanut butter sticks to the trap better and the mouse has to work harder to get it and will spring the trap.