Voice of God

By Deo
February 14, 2017 4:31am CST
How do you differentiate the voice of God from others voices, because when Iam in church I hear some people say the lord has told me to do this for u. can some one out there help.
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@bird123 (10518)
• United States
4 Mar 17
You are hearing the voice of people. People make claims in order to feel important. Deep down, we all already know God. If God speaks directly to you, there will be no doubts. You will know Him. Free choices are important. God will not be commanding you to do something nor will God intimidate you in any way. Perhaps, that is why God speaks to so few. Further, God is very very smart working on multiple levels with multiple views. A true conversation with God would leave most confused. If not confused, it would take weeks to discover all that was really said. Be Who You Must! It's a Part of the Plan! You are going to be OK!
@iridion9 (9159)
• Philippines
14 Feb 17
Interesting only few I guess heard and saw JESUS and his voice. But I saw many miracles by JESUS.
14 Feb 17
I also heared god voice in church.After i heard, church father said the same thing what i heard.
• Philippines
14 Feb 17
Divine and pure. So when I need to decide on something and listen to what God will say.... It is just pure, divine and not compromising and sugar coating. When it's wrong it's wring no justification.... Just living the way Jesus wants us to live.
@pammooratan (4678)
• India
14 Feb 17
Voice of God don't make a sound.You can only feel it.When anyone not feels the voice of God resulting a billionaire becomes begger and a begger becomes billionaire after the feeling voice of God .It comes through your inner hearts.