What movies genre do you generally avoid watching?

February 16, 2017 12:30pm CST
Cinema has a wide range of genres, but there is always something we don't like right? The genres of movies I avoid watching (because I really don't like it) are musical and western. There are some exceptions for both genres, but I can count on my fingers the movies of those genres that I have already watched and enjoyed.
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@garymarsh6 (14999)
• United Kingdom
16 Feb 17
I can not stay awake in a movie. My record is going to sleep just before the second advert before the film started only waking up half an hour before the end!
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@UmiNoor (3678)
• Malaysia
22 Feb 17
You watch movies like I do.
@RasmaSandra (22064)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
16 Feb 17
I guess the genre I would watch the least are Westerns. I also don't like the new kind of horror movies that are just slash and blood. I am not into sci-fi but I did enjoy ET so it depends on the movie.
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@UmiNoor (3678)
• Malaysia
22 Feb 17
I too don't like to watch musicals but when I was younger, I used to watch many musicals like My Fair Lady and anything with Gene Kelly. I recently tried to watch La La Land but fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Musicals are just not realistic and I guess that is why I don't like watching them. I can't imagine people breaking into a song and dance every few minutes of their life. Just not real. But, I did watch Les Miserables from beginning to end and that's because "Wolverine" is in it. And I love to see how terrible Russell Crowe sings. I laughed every time he appears on screen to sing. I think that was the most enjoyable part about Les Miserables.
@Hatley (164391)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Feb 17
I really dislike horror movioes like the Texas Chainsaw; Murders uggh do not like at all
@silvermist (20086)
• India
18 Feb 17
@TheInvisibleMan Though I watch Horror movies,I avoid senseless gory blood shed like the Saw movies.
@JudyEv (147945)
• Bunbury, Australia
16 Feb 17
We rarely go to the movies but I don't like sci-fi, horror, violence for starters.
@JohnRoberts (70104)
• Los Angeles, California
16 Feb 17
I generally avoid animation, science fiction, comic book and comedies.
@Vjvals (921)
• Roseville, California
16 Feb 17
Same as those mentioned with the exception of Grease and the TV Bonanza
@marlina (81862)
• Canada
16 Feb 17
Funny because we both avoid the same genres of movies.
@Kandae11 (40280)
16 Feb 17
Very bloody movies, too many cuss words and horror.
@syeow1 (5138)
• India
16 Feb 17
Most of films contain adult shorts
@jhechorain (1226)
• Susanville, California
16 Feb 17
Westerns and comedies. I like a few comedies but usually these days they are so stupid I don't want to sit through them any way.