President Trump's Executive Orders aren't quite 'Law' unless ...

If This Is Where It Starts, This Is Exactly How Powerful It Stays.
@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
February 26, 2017 1:49pm CST
... they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made pursuant to Acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation). I looked that up after I heard 'rumors' ("Fake News") that President Trump is aiming to 'deregulate big businesses' with his Executive Orders---here, we see what Kellyanne Conway means by "alternative facts" ... one 'alternative' sees 'aim to deregulate,' another 'alternative' sees "aim to streamline & reduce waste (by cutting useless regulations).
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@Trensue (5258)
• United States
26 Feb 17
So humm, what is your take on all this - agree, disagree, like it or hate it.
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@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
28 Feb 17
Well I'm not 'for' or 'against' it here, so much as I'm "kind of annoyed that people are adding 'fictional conflict' to their report of what's happening." The truth is that Trump isn't 'making new laws,' he's just 'changing the way his office is enforcing old laws.'