How many of you give advises but don't follow them yourself.

@sjvg1976 (18407)
Delhi, India
April 3, 2017 2:24pm CST
Hello friend, I have been busy these days at work. Little time which i get i try to read discussions though i don't respond all but that's for sure i read many of the discussions daily. Today a question strike in my mind that we all have a habit of giving some advise to the people surrounding us but have we ever checked that if we follow those advises. I would say we all feel easy to advise others but difficult to follow them for ourselves. What do you say?
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@marguicha (101781)
• Chile
3 Apr 17
I´m sure all of us do that up to some extent
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@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
3 Apr 17
I am inclined to agree with you and am probably guilty of this myself.
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@Corbin5 (115522)
• United States
3 Apr 17
I have given advice I do not follow myself, I am sure. I will tell others to be patient or calm down, but sometimes I fail to do those.
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• Bournemouth, England
3 Apr 17
There are many examples of doctors who drink too much, accountants who fall for scams or go bankrupt, police officers whose children turn to crime, social workers whose family lives are a mess and relationship counsellors whose marriages break up. Some people are very good at helping others but sometimes can't live up to their own advice closer to home.
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@nomus24g (24806)
• India
3 Apr 17
I think most of us do it, knowingly or unknowingly...
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• Philippines
5 Apr 17
Nothing wrong really with giving them advises. Because if it's a good advice and they follow it and resulted in position outcome, they might even thank you in the end. It's our loss if we don't follow our own advice.
• Dallas, Texas
4 Apr 17
Yep. It is a regular thing. People like to give advice but don't even practice what they preach.