Where Did 'Shepherd's Chapel' Get 'The Serpent-Seed Doctrine' (that Cain is Not of Adam)?

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 6, 2017 2:40pm CST
I watch Shepherd's Chapel---a syndicated broadcast of a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse Bible-study. I haven't been watching very long, and one broadcast featured a question about 'the Serpent-Seed doctrine'---stating that Cain was actually the son of Eve-&-the serpent Satan! Where do they get that? (Looking to see whether they say anything about it, one of the first things I saw was CARM's list of things Shepherd's Chapel believes---some of which will be good topics to discuss later )
by Matt Slick1/4/2002Return to Shepherd's ChapelThe Shepherd's Chapel is, at the very least, a controversial church with many unorthodox doctrines.  The following list of teachings from the Shepherd's Chapel is derived from scouring the Internet, chat room
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6 Apr 17
Alternative fact?
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@mythociate (15735)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7 Apr 17
Actually, yes (it's a shame comedians have turned that phrase into meaning "alternative to fact," but ...) On the free CD I got from them, the pastor explained that (through a tiny loophole in the Hebrew translation), the Bible actually tells us that Cain & Abel were maternal twins (from two seperate fathers---Satan and Adam ... and yes, maternal twins are sometimes born that way---ask a doctor). Not that it matters, or that it changes the path to follow Buddha Yeshua down at all (though you might find extra peace in the knowing-why ... something ...)
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