What Do You Think about Huffington Post's Views on Whites

@mythociate (15763)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 15, 2017 11:43am CST
NOTE: none of these views are necessarily those of myLot, TheFederalistPapers, me, nor (possibly) Huffington Post itself! http://thefederalistpapers.org/us/huffington-post-endorses-active-racism-against-whites-new-jim-crow I heard about this 'Huffington Post'-article from TJ Kirk's YouTube-vlog, searched for it and found this 'The Federalist Papers'-article citing it (or one of them ... I actually found lots of articles that 'sound' anti-white). The TFP Project quoted the HP article as saying "White people may experience occasional and unacceptable prejudice, but not racism." TFP interpreted that as saying, 'White students; you need to pay for black students' meetings, but you’re not welcome to attend.' The article TJ was talking-about (which has been taken down, so it's obviously not Huffington Post's opinion) suggested that 'the right to vote' should be taken away from white men. An example of the prevailing (but false) logic that states that "all past failings of a group can be repaired by punishing those people's uninvolved children."
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15 Apr 17
We can not true anybody.
@mythociate (15763)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
15 Apr 17