April 23, 2017 5:56am CST
ONE of my friend have lots of other friend and it have excellent social relationships. When I ask him that how he do so. He simply replies me "Always have some smile on your face even in critical conditions. This let me cool down myself and furnish my relationships." I also implement his art in my life and after sometime I realize that I got the technique to become " THE ULTIMATE FRIEND MAKER."
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@1hopefulman (32419)
• Canada
25 Apr 17
Yes a goes a long way to tell people that you are friendly and approachable. May you have many wonderful and enduring friendships in your life.
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@Trensue (5253)
• United States
23 Apr 17
That seems like very sound advice.
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@MALUSE (43467)
• Uzbekistan
23 Apr 17
Please do not use capital letters in your titles! We don't want to be shouted at.
23 Apr 17
Mistakes and correction plays an important role of learning in ones life. First one is played by me and you are playing the second ones which is crucial and appreciatable
@Nawsheen (22958)
• Mauritius
23 Apr 17
That's good advice. As for me I try to find out the things that I have in common with someone else and try to build up communication based on those things