What make sea water salty?

@Mareena (446)
May 7, 2017 3:34am CST
How the taste of sea is salty, so that we get salt from it after refining. From where it is formed? Why well and lake waters are non salty?
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@owlwings (39870)
• Cambridge, England
7 May 17
Rain does not have dissolved salts but when it falls on the earth, it dissolves small amounts of minerals from the rocks and soil that the water passes through. There is not enough salt in lake and river water for us to taste it (usually) and rivers and lakes are constantly being replenished by water flowing in to them. When the rivers reach the sea, the water evaporates but leaves the dissolved minerals behind, so the sea is slowly getting ever so slightly more salty as rivers carry the dissolved minerals into it.
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@dragon68 (774)
24 May 17
That's a good question like asking why sugar is sweet?
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@Nawsheen (22955)
• Mauritius
7 May 17
The oceans tend to collect all salts and minerals from the rivers and lakes. This can explain for the saltiness i guess
@Athinker (2703)
• Jaipur, India
7 May 17
Due to too many minerals
@prashu228 (25501)
• India
7 May 17
Because of lots of sodium chloride in it