Another school year almost over

United States
May 7, 2017 11:48am CST
On Wednesday at 10:30 I will be done with my final exam of my freshman year of college. It's crazy how much I've changed, although so many pieces of me haven't changed. The one regret I have is that I didn't get to know many people in my classes or in my dorm very well- I had a few very close friends, which is good, but it's also nice to have more friends in case you're fighting with some or you just need a break. One of my biggest fears is growing up and not having many friends once I'm not going to school any more. What about you all? Do you have a couple close friends, or a lot of friends you may not know on a deep level?
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@Gabugs (1747)
• United States
12 May 17
@supercalifredge Congrats on your almost completion of freshman year. My granddaughter too will be moving on too. Which college may I ask? As regards friends, I'd like to caution you to choose them wisely. It is not the number of friends that can have a positive impact on your life. But rather, the quality of the friendships you nurture, that can make your life more meaningful. Sorry, I cannot boast of having many friends; a few friends, but many acquaintances.
@Athinker (2725)
• Jaipur, India
8 May 17
I have. A lot of friends
@JediYoda (1714)
• Samoa
7 May 17
Best wishes and all of the beswt of luck on your exams this coming Wednesday. Just take it easy. You will always find friends as you go along in life.
@1hopefulman (33664)
• Canada
7 May 17
I have a lot of friends but very few close friends. I prefer to attach myself to a group or a circle of friends rather than individuals.
@prashu228 (25514)
• India
7 May 17
I have very limited friends always, to make more friends we need to interact a lot, everyone is very busy these days, anyways you can always mylot if you feel bored