Border Security

May 24, 2017 8:44am CST
This is a bit of a spin off from my earlier conversation entitled "Concert Bombing" and I wonder what your thoughts are on border security? This has been a huge issue lately, with opinions on both sides. I think that it is necessary to keep a record of individuals who frequently travel through borders. How are we supposed to know who is roaming our streets if there are no records kept. While many are pushing for open borders, I think they fail to realize the repercussions that will follow. However, I have never travelled outside of my own country, so I really do not have much to base my opinion on. For those of you who are frequent world travelers, do you think that closed borders are necessary, or do you think that humanity has evolved enough to allow people to travel freely where ever they choose?
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@dragon54u (31635)
• United States
24 May 17
I don't know where you live but it is a huge issue here. A minority of people want our borders open and whole cities refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities, protecting illegal immigrants and even giving them support from public funds, free health care, and free schooling for their children. However, this is getting better in the past few months. My concern is keeping out the criminals and those with bad intent. I think if you enter a country illegally (sneak in) you are already a criminal since you've broken the law. Unfortunately, we can't allow people to travel just anywhere at will because there are so many that have bad intentions. Until we get rid of those people, rules have to be followed.
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