Do you look down on Thailand as prositution rate is high?

Thailand - thailand girls,
November 26, 2006 6:48pm CST
I dont look down on them, i pity them alot, but alot of the people i know just go there, abuse the girls there and pay them off, alot of the prositute were sell off by their parents, i hope the country will do better in future...
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@rishaayu (339)
• India
1 Dec 06
Yes it is not good for a country
• Singapore
4 Dec 06
it isnt good, but think of the economic growth, haha :p.. kidding
@angel011 (1343)
29 Nov 06
I have heard of this before and some of the girls are so young i hope there goverment does something to stop this
• Singapore
30 Nov 06
stop? i dont think its possible, even if they stop it, these kinds of illegal sales are bound to be available, imagine those that are unable to satisfy their need resorts to rape.. =.=
@flowerchilde (12518)
• United States
30 Nov 06
- So very, very sad... I find no evidence that mankind is 'evolving' I'd much sooner believe we are devolving.