Hiii frnds

June 15, 2017 1:12pm CST
I am new to this plz help me to understand this
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@MALUSE (34423)
• Denmark
15 Jun
Welcome to myLot. Enjoy the site! The first step for all newbies is to read the Guidelines to learn what is allowed or not on the site. Then you can write a post introducing yourself. Tell us a bit about yourself. Furthermore, read around as much as you can, Like and Comment on other members' posts. Only then will members come to your site and do the same. This is called interaction. In case you're interested in earning something on this site, don't post one discussion after the other. You can only earn here if other members Like and Comment on your discussions. To make them do this, you have to become active first and Like and Comment on their discussions. Don't expect too much money-wise. If you reach $5 a month (the payout limit), you can call yourself lucky. Last but not least: Text speak is not allowed on this site. It's not 'plz', but 'please', etc.
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15 Jun
15 Jun
Thanks for giving information
15 Jun
Hello plz respond
@JolietJake (45332)
• Olney, Illinois
15 Jun
Hello friends and neighbors and other assorted members of humanity, it is I, JJ, with another glimpse at How myLotâ„¢ Works. Today, we'll try to break...
@mandala100 (28175)
• Hong Kong
15 Jun
Hi there. Please kindly read and understand the myLot Community Guidelines and use it as your guide on this site.
@zarlamain (24146)
• United States
15 Jun
And what do you need help understanding?