How many of you would like to make a voodoo doll of someone and stick pins in it?

@Hannihar (24438)
June 18, 2017 10:52pm CST
Have any of you ever tried it wondering if it would really work? I would love to do it to those that cause me or us so much trouble.
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@louievill (17352)
• Philippines
19 Jun
Sorry No, it's against my faith and what I personally believe in. If it were true then they should had used it a long time ago on Nazis and terrorists as a weapon of mass destruction
@marguicha (86050)
• Chile
19 Jun
Shunning someone from my life is more than enough for me.
@Hatley (164834)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Jun
how about Donald the trumpet make a voo doo doll and stick p;ions in him lol lol l ol
@prashu228 (25660)
• India
19 Jun
What is a voodoo doll?
@sharon6345 (113359)
• United States
19 Jun
I tried to buy one when my ex hurt me. I just did an egg and that was enough.