Checking Yourself: Making Sure 'What You Think You're Doing' is Pretty-Close to 'What You're Actually Doing'
@mythociate (16185)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 23, 2017 11:51am CST
For example: I /thought/ I was 'helping to spread Oklahoma-businesses' messages' with the little Facebook-group I started. But a newspaper-editor showed me that I shouldn't claim to be doing much more than I was actually doing ... something more like 'listing the ads and writing "what I think they say."' The editor asked me to please stop using the newspaper's trademarked images (mostly images of their covers, their web-address ... which would be used exactly right in 'the text of a message' etc., but not in 'the title of the group'---where it would raise confusion ... is this group "a group promoted by the company that owns the website?"), which I think I did ... you can visit it & see if I still display 'trademarks' anywhere I need to remove them (although I think I make it pretty-clear that 'the stuff I post there' is just 'copied information.')
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@mandala100 (55277)
• Hong Kong
23 Jul 17
@mythociate That's a very good and practical point my friend since thingking and doing are two different thing. There's no harm and it is a better practice to double or even triple check one's work.
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