feeling nice

August 18, 2017 12:34pm CST
today I meet my best friend after 5 years he went to abroad . but he came back b understanding that you should live in your motherland
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@MALUSE (32662)
• Denmark
18 Aug
Why *should* you live in your motherland? If possible you should live where you feel good.
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@mohit459 (2830)
• Haldwani, India
20 Aug
I agree with you!!
@resukill22 (4044)
19 Aug
It's more fun to live with your parents
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@mohit459 (2830)
• Haldwani, India
20 Aug
So you must have a @hangout with him!!
21 Aug
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• Lakewood, Colorado
23 Aug
Sounds good to me friend. Live in the Motherland.
@KrauseHome (33368)
• United States
22 Aug
That is nice that they were able to travel but now are back. A lot of things they can now share with you.
@kiran8 (15203)
• Mangalore, India
19 Aug
I guess it depends on the person , recently many youngsters have decided to quit a good job, come back to their native village or town and take up farming or social work. However not everyone would want to do that !
@fazoboya (28)
18 Aug
Meeting an old friend is a good feeling.
@fly802 (1222)
18 Aug
So you`re very happy today.
@mandala100 (25354)
• Hong Kong
18 Aug
@TARUNPASWAN There's really no place like home my friend.
@sishy7 (27204)
• Australia
18 Aug
Did he study or work abroad?