Washing blankets

@peachpurple (12770)
August 31, 2017 4:25am CST
When was the last time you had washed your blanket? What about your family members blankets? For me, I do not wash it often, maybe once a month because my blanket is very thick, a comforter blanket with thick cotton that took 3 days to dry under hot sun. The biggest problem is, I have to hand wash my blanket because the washer could not spin dry the blanket after it is soaked with water and suds. The washer tub would rotate and bang left and right of the washer that prompt error message. This is due to heavy load ( when the blanket is soaked with water, it is extremely heavy ) That is why I don't wash my blanket often. What about you?
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@prashu228 (25503)
• India
31 Aug 17
No need to use such thick blankets here. The normal blankets are enough , which we can wash in washing machine.
@maezee (33460)
• United States
31 Aug 17
Same with me about every month for my comforters. Which reminds me its probably been a month. Lol
@Morleyhunt (21017)
• Canada
31 Aug 17
I wash my sheets and pillowcases once a week...the heavy wool blanket as little as possible. I will take it outside to air and then snap it to remove the dust several times a year. Two weeks ago I made a special trip to the laundromat to wash comforters, quilts and blankets because my machine is too small.
• Japan
31 Aug 17
I have the same problem with my old winter blanket that I couldn't wash it in my washer. I solved the problem when it tore and some stuffing came out. I bought two thinner blankets so I can wash them easily but I use them in a comforter cover so they are just like one blanket.
@hereandthere (32796)
• Philippines
31 Aug 17
we don't use comforters. we don't use air conditioner at night. maybe you can take your comforter to laundromats where the machines are much bigger than risk damaging your washing machine by overloading it.
@acelawrites (12303)
• Philippines
31 Aug 17
It is so hard to wash comforters. We only use lighter blanket and wash it in the washing machine every two weeks.