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By L
September 16, 2017 2:27pm CST
I am new here. Any tips, advice, etc?
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• Dallas, Texas
16 Sep
Read the helpful myLot Help from the links provided below and welcome to myLot. Keep it real and you will do fine.
Have questions about myLot? Help is here!
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@dodoazo (19684)
• Philippines
16 Sep
Check on this.
This is where you will find out what kinds of behavior are accepted and unaccepted on myLot. When in doubt, remember the Golden Rule!
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@JolietJake (51144)
• United States
16 Sep
Hello friends and neighbors and other assorted members of humanity, it is I, JJ, with another glimpse at How myLotâ„¢ Works. Today, we'll try to break...
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@mandala100 (43604)
• Hong Kong
16 Sep
@SunshineL Hello and welcome to myLot my firend. Good luck and I'll see you later on my friend.
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@lovebuglena (6393)
• Staten Island, New York
16 Sep
Be sure to read the FAQs page for the DOs and DONTs. Post your own discussions and be sure to make them more than a few lines of text. Reply to any comments your discussions get but try not to post generic replies over and over. Comment on discussions by others. Reply to some comments on others' discussions if you have anything to add or ask on the subject. Have fun and interact with the community! Don't consider this a job!
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@Kosgey (1214)
18 Sep
Most welcome, be active all the time.
@Lizirazo (2451)
• United States
17 Sep
Welcome to mylot
@khalif85 (352)
• Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
17 Sep
Just go on and making friend. Btw, please upload an avatar.
16 Sep