Peoria, Arizona
October 8, 2017 9:26am CST
I always forget how much I love grapes until I actually eat them. Even though, I like red (or purple, however they are listed) much better, green grapes are still pretty good. My mom got some grapes the other day and sometimes we only get like one bowl out of them because we kind of forget the exist. Do you ever have that problem? Things are shoved into the fridge, perhaps in the back or even in one of the drawers you just forget it exists and it goes bad? I always feel bad when things go bad, but if I know that animals can eat it then whatever goes bad we like to toss out for the cats or birds. But today I decided to have a bowl of grapes and a chocolate donut because you got to keep balance, you know? Actually, I just wanted to get the donut out of there because my mom kept reminding me it was in there. I knew it was in there, I just didn't want it at the moment! I have had some pretty good breakfasts lately that isn't just cereal. Yesterday it was a greek yogurt and the day before was the scones with a banana I think? So much fruit! It is great!
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@allen0187 (34147)
• Philippines
9 Oct 17
I like the seedless variety.
@celticeagle (120447)
• Boise, Idaho
8 Oct 17
I forget about the grapes and bananas. Bananas go bad so quickly. At least grapes last a while.
@marlina (79590)
• Canada
8 Oct 17
I only like the seedless red grapes now.
• United States
8 Oct 17
I love grapes, but my problem is I can't stop eating them once I get started. Then I have to deal with the canker sores I get from the acid in the grapes.
@Tina30219 (36551)
• Onaway, Michigan
8 Oct 17
We just bought some purple grapes I love grapes and I told my boyfriend I want to start getting some every month when we go grocery shopping a thing of purple and green ones
• Defuniak Springs, Florida
8 Oct 17
I love Greek yogurt! Mm. Lol I just ate a cheese quesadilla. Not exactly the healthiest of breakfasts but it was yummy.
@RasmaSandra (20312)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
8 Oct 17
Funny you mention grapes. Odd what happens when you associate fruit with memories. Before my husband passed away in August we both spent a good part of that summer eating grapes. Now I cannot even bear to look at them but I know one day I will eat grapes again. Enjoy your lovely combination of grapes and chocolate donut.