October 22, 2017 6:56pm CST
Does anyone else watch Friends? I started watching it on Netflix and it is unbelievably funny to me. But then again, I get pretty sad when I watch it. I recently ventured off into the world of adult hood.... a few years ago... and since I have left all my family and friends behind I kind of became a hermit and live with my boyfriend full time. My question for you is, as a young adult, where do you make friends without being totally weird? I go to a gym but so far its really just akward eye contact and small talk with sweaty, scary looking folks. SIDE NOTE: not being weird or anything.... but has anyone else noticed the lack of bra usage in this show? Monica and Rachel are so far the worst canadits for this.... every single episode so far ( Season 2 episode 8) you can see nipples from both gals. throws me off every time and sometimes its clear they didnt try to cover up? maybe thats the point? or maybe a side joke? let me know what you think
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@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
24 Oct
Watched Friends before but never completed the whole series. Making friends is a skill and most of the friends I have are from school and from work.
@maezee (33294)
• United States
23 Oct
I think a natural place to make friends is at work. I havent really though, no one I see in real life anyway.
@Courtlynn (55163)
• United States
23 Oct
I do watch friends, have for years. I mostly keep to myself and have a few online friends.
• Boston, Massachusetts
23 Oct
ugh making friends is so hard. i didnt make money in undergrad and was really lonely when i ventured into adulthood. luckily i have made a few new friends since then, all of whom i've worked with in the past. good luck!
@riverwild (2434)
23 Oct
I am a hermit too, it is just me dog and boyfriend. No friends except one, and I dont see her much