How do you manage bills?

@ricki_911 (19868)
Toronto, Ontario
October 26, 2017 12:58pm CST
Ok so i find being organized so i have seperate savings accounts for each bill. Example water, hydro, taxes etc. So i put x amount away and pay as needed. I find i get confused if i just get paid this goes here or here. Some bills i pay per years vs per month. Iam looking at moving and want to get enough for the year so then if something happens its less of a hassle vs my 2 months savings before.
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@maezee (33370)
• United States
26 Oct
Thats an interesting way to do it. I had to set up a separate savings account at a different bank just so I wouldnt touch it. Otherwise all the billa come out of my checking.
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@zarlamain (24885)
• United States
26 Oct
You are very smart to be organizing your bills. Good for you! I keep them all in separate folders and when it comes time to pay them, I take each recent bill from the folder and pay them.
@Corbin5 (116023)
• United States
26 Oct
You are very wise to start saving now, just in case. I always save for just in case that I can pay cash for whatever needs to be fixed or solved in cash.