a spring in my step

October 30, 2017 2:02am CST
I feel a trifle weird today. Highly relaxed and oddly pain-free. Recharged after the half-term break, if you will. Maybe it's an effect of the clocks falling backwards by a whole hour over the weekend. Perhaps it's because I've slept a lot this past week. I wonder if this is how most people feel on a daily basis. Serene, calm, bouncy. Ready to take on the world and whatever poo it throws their way. Where is my Tired?? Let's not get carried away here; this too shall pass. I'm under no illusions. In fact, I can already feel a tension twinge in my left shoulder. The bus will soon be full of other passengers squishing their warm bodies against mine. Work looms just over the horizon, bringing with it uncomfortable small talk, discussions of my break was better than your break, and teenagers who want to talk about a local murder. But for now, I'm enjoying this feeling of happiness. I am content. Life is beautiful. Or, as my favourite author once wrote, everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.
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@pgntwo (22585)
• Tripoli, Libya
30 Oct
Hmmm. Trifling weirdness, yes, sleep helps. Not with the squish of warm bodies, alas.
@maezee (33460)
• United States
30 Oct
Thats good! I have also been super tired as of late. And the more sleep i get makes me feel even more tired. Ah. If you figure out what it is let me know!
• Japan
30 Oct
I also find that my body gets along better when I have had a week break. Anything under a week doesn't do much good.