Bubbles Locked In Attic Bad Sister

@Hatley (164471)
Garden Grove, California
October 30, 2017 3:10pm CST
Mistgress was really up tight over her painting So Bubbles fussing at her got an angry 'go play.' Bubbles angry decided to go exploring the attic So he gound tje console and up he went to see' Maybe there were new boxes up there. No one saw Bbblette enter the house or g o to the console She thpught ;shyut that smrty up there serve him right Sp she raised the stairs leaving Bubb;es tp be ;locked in. Mistress come eleven am called ffpr Bubbles no cat. She now heard thesng song hissing of Bubblette at the comsole As Mistress watched Bibb;ette play at the c\msp;e sje jad a jimcj S\he raised tje staiors securely and picked u p squirming Bubblette up the stairs they went to find the bowling Bubbles very angry Mistress bubbles I did not know where you were tll I found sister Now to get you fed. Bubblette clawed Mistress arm she was dropped Bad cat,bad bad"Bubblette' She carred Bubbles down stairs now Then she locked tje cat door amd tje door ant tossed Bubblette out Bubbles found hs bowl of food ad gobbled hungrily [urring his thanks. One original poem and graphic by P Hatley copyrighted 2017
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@jstory07 (71078)
• Roseburg, Oregon
30 Oct 17
Bubbles has a bad sister that always gets him in trouble.
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Oct 17
sge reelly hates hikm bad cat