What if Jesus Doesn't Even Know He Paid for Our Sinful Nature?

@mythociate (15946)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 1, 2017 1:49pm CST
The question comes to mind: "How is The Holy Bible NOT 'false witness' (which it reportedly tells us we are not supposed 'to bear')?" I understand we are supposed to "have faith" (traditionally 'receiving The Bible from parents or teachers or others whom we have to trust,' taking its word as "truth that they approve of"); but ... how does it retain that status in light of the facts (chiefly the fact that it's not written--usually--by anyone who was actually there)? The usual "source attributed" is 'inspiration from God.' Which "proves" that The Holy Bible's not written to convince unbelievers! http://www.bing.com/search?q=must%20believe%20that%20he%20is%20kjv&rrid=_4a4d8ca6-d007-c59d-34cf-7b40dfa07200 Shepherd's Chapel--a church-broadcast Bible-study--always opens with an introduction that claims that The Holy Bible is "God's Love-Letter to Believers." And I sort of take that "literally"---maybe love-letters help a man put thoughts of marriage into his current lover's mind, but he doesn't sign them and put them on file to make the marriage legal! A lot of the founding-beliefs of the church come from sayings we can't even "prove" were said (the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, private conversations between Jesus & the disciples ... heck! "mankind" was the last thing God created; no one existed to "witness" the creation of 'everything else')! ... I guess it's a question implied by 'The Telephone Game' (the game where one person writes something down and then whispers it in the next person's ear, who whispers what he hears to someone else, who whispers what he hear etc. etc. until the last person, who tells what he hears and sees how different it is from the original writing): 'How many repetitions of a message does it take for the witness to become "false," and how do we find its remaining "truth"?' How much of The Gospel is "stuff we know is true," and how much of it is just "the story the disciples all agreed to play-along-with"?
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