Nairobi, Kenya
November 3, 2017 2:21pm CST
Is addiction a disease? More often than not, people view addicts like outcasts in the society. This widens the gap that exist between them and the other"normal" people According to psychology, addiction is just a disease and with proper help and acceptance one can recover Let us join hands and support people with addiction problem pic by pixabay
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@Bluedoll (17052)
• Canada
3 Nov
The disease I can be kind about. The way people behave might be more difficult.
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@phillyguy (3008)
• Philippines
5 Nov
I believe it's both a disease and a choice. and I don't think that according to psychology that it's "just" a disease for something as complicated as addiction you can't just consider it as disease and nothing else it' more than and maybe more than any pscyhology, doctor, experts etc will ever understand
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@YrNemo (14719)
8 Nov
there are many kinds of addiction, the good and the bad, and the trivials too I guess. Right now, I am munching on my daily ration of peanuts, an addiction of mine - while doing mylot (another addiction ).
@resukill22 (4857)
5 Nov
I think for me it dependes on what and where the addiction come from
@lady1993 (20087)
• Philippines
5 Nov
it is a disease that is quite expensive and hard to cure since a person cannot do it himself, he needs professionals
@koopharper (6837)
• Canada
4 Nov
Addiction is a cruel taskmaster. I have a friend who is suffering as I write. I am hoping that she will genuinely get the help she needs. There are underlying issues that have to be addressed and the answer is not another prescription that the doctors insist on giving her. There is hope that they'll eventually figure it out. We would all like to see her well and genuinely happy.
@ARN4567 (463)
• Baguio, Philippines
4 Nov
If it is a disease...then it can be cured...and the best medicine is prevention!!!...Our parents should be able to guide their children to stay away from such activity, before it is too late!!!...
• Thane, India
4 Nov
according to one survey intelligent or genius people get more addicted than normal people. keep your addiction but up to certain limit.
@mohit459 (12016)
• Haldwani, India
4 Nov
It can't be a diseases!.. It can be of anything!! Of a person or of a thing!!